IS 200 Information in Society

Warnings from Kalpana on Final Papers

  • Double spacing.
  • Cover sheet with name, title of paper, and citation style being used. Some resources for citing online resources are linked from the department home page and there are style guides in the lab.
  • Footer or header on every sheet with name and page number
  • 10 pages of text, maximum (biblio/appendices extra). After that, I stop reading (yes, I'm being Miss Draconic this time around)
  • At least some of the outside cites need to be "scholarly".  The number of works to be cited depends on the paper, but three such citations would be far to few in any possible case we could envision.  The scholarly works do not have to come from the course reader (in fact, it would be wise to choose some from elsewhere), but at least some of those scholarly works should be from subject areas covered by the reader (ie. Privacy, Intellectual Property, etc.).



    Nov 13, 2000