IS 200 Information in Society

Preparation for the Discussion Groups in Week Four, October 23

Each group should attempt to deal with any three of these four topics

(Re-)read the set course readings present in the book of course readings, and the papers (put up on the website) about publishing. You will have noticed that the quest to establish authority imposes considerable delays, and the processes are expensive. What differences do you perceive in either commercially driven publishing, or the attempts to validate the content of on-line publications?.

In Week 3, Sid Berger talked in the lecture about aspects of publishing. What points in his lecture seemed most interesting, important or specially relevant to the content of this course?

[Several of the readings (by John Feather etc.) are written from a British or European perspective, rather than an American one. Are there points he makes which are not true for the United States? Are Americans‚ experience of the information revolution generally valid for humankind?

Nicholson Baker‚s articles from the New Yorker represent some fairly negative views of the changes in the way library services operate. But does he have a point?