IS 200 Information in Society

Preparation for the Discussion Groups in Week Three, October 16

  1. Read the set course readings present in the book of course readings.
  2. [As preparation for lecture 3] From your ignorance, without reading about the subject, consider what financial return there should be for authors of new publications.
  3. [As preparation for lecture 3] Again without doing any special reading, think what ethical issues there are (or might be) in the publishing proocess facing a) authors; b) publishers, and c) booksellers. [Some ethical problems are probably common to all three, but some will be particular to one of these groups in the publishing process].
  4. Among your readings for Week 3, the relevance of most of the readings to the theme of this course will be obvious – you will easily see why we chose several of the Nicholson Baker pieces. But look again at his article ‘The Projector’: why do you think we have included it in the Reader? Look two at the two short fictions by Borges (forst ‘The Library of Babel" and then at ‘Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius’): why would we want you to read these?

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